30: musings on a new decade

Yesterday I turned 30. We celebrated with the usual fanfare, as birthdays are a big deal in this house, although this year we did not do a full Birthday Week. Rob and I went to a movie, we had a little party, and yesterday Rob took me to lunch and for ice cream. I got more email and Facebook love than any other day of the year and love getting cards and presents in the mail. As birthdays go this was a good one. But 30, it’s a big year.

Em asked me how I felt about turning THIRTY, ans honestly, I’m excited about it. Happy about it. I feel like I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for a few years. (I’m seriously way more freaked out about having a ONE year old in a couple of weeks.) My twenties were huge, a lot happened in the road to adulthood. Here’s that recap:

– graduated from Indiana University

– first serious boyfriend

– first (and second, third, & fourth) apartment on my own

– two internships at major tv stations

– moved across the country to a big city all by myself

– first real grown-up job

– followed my dream and quit that job to work in children’s tv

– met my husband, fell in love, got married

– own a condo

– decided to get my PhD and started graduate school

– had a baby

I don’t know that there are really that many more major “milestones” to hit. Although, we would really like to own an actual house with a yard someday. I became an adult in my twenties. I’m confident in myself (most of the time) and who I am. I feel like I can go through my thirties and it will only get better. I have an amazing husband and an awesome kid. I kind of hate school sometimes, but I’m working toward a degree for a job I will love. I don’t know why, but hitting 30 makes me feel a little more like a “grown-up” and I like that.

So yesterday, Rob took me out for my birthday. We had meatballs and ice cream. Other than that I spent the day at home getting reacquainted with my sewing machine – I forgot how much I love my sewing machine. It was lovely spending the day doing exactly what I wanted to do for me.

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One thought on “30: musings on a new decade

  1. Love this post! So far, thirties are fabulous. Yours will be, too. What I love most, though, is that you still wear that shirt! I still have it/love it/wear it, too! Can’t wait to see you in 1 week and 2ish hrs!

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