Halloween 2014

If you’ve been around for a few years you know we LOVE Halloween. Rob and I dressed up pre-kids and have had so much fun creating costumes for Simon. His first costume was the Marshmallow Man, which was partially re-purposed this year for Caleb. The next year we went with a Doctor Who theme. Last year I was pregnant, so I had Rob make me a pumpkin belly and Simon was an “Engine” Turtle as he says. This year we went back to our first kid costume idea – I loved that Caleb could share a costume and also Simon loves to watch the Ghostbusters movie.

Rob made the flashing lights proton pack and I made the outfits. I couldn’t find beige sweats so I bought two yards of craft cotton for $8 and a vintage jumper pattern. I’ve never made clothes but I’m quite pleased with myself. I mean there is a collar and a zipper! I eyeballed downsizing the same pattern and used a yard of white fleece for Caleb. I was off a bit and made it a bit too tight, but he only had to wear it twice. The collar and hat were the same that Simon wore. Those are now in the keepsake box.

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The Saturday before Halloween our park has a Halloween parade. I”m glad we did it, we’ll probably do it again, but I won’t kill myself to make it. Mostly is was chaos. Simon was cracking us up hunting for ghosts on the walk to the park. He found quite a few because our neighborhood is a little insane in the decorating. There was some general viewing of the costumes, we walked around the track and got a bag of candy, and Simon played in the sand and the cars.

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Halloween was on Friday. We picked up the kids early and went out from 5-6. The whole neighborhood is like one big block party, which is both awesome and a mob scene. We walked around with Simon’s two school friends. Then after two streets came back to our place for a viewing of Ghostbusters and some pizza.

We had a great night. I’m already planning for next year – if I stick with it – but it will be awesome. And next Halloween is on a Saturday!

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